Viewing Converted Images on the PSP Back

To the PSP, images converted by this program appear to be digital photos and will appear in the Photo menu of the PSP. To get them there, they need to be copied onto a Sony Memory Stick, either through a USB reader or by directly connecting the PSP to your Mac.

  Getting the Images onto the PSP Back

Whether you connect the Memory Stick to your Mac through a card reader or by plugging the PSP into your Mac, it will appear on your Desktop as another disk drive. Inside that drive, there will be a directory called PSP and within that there will be a directory called PHOTO. (If these directories don't exist, go ahead and create them.

At this point you can choose this directory (for example, "/Volumes/Untitled/PSP/PHOTO") as your output directory and write PDF images straight to your PSP or, if you wrote the images to another directory you can use the Finder to copy the image files into the PHOTO folder. If you choose to copy the files, be sure to copy the directory that holds them, too - because that will help the PSP to keep them organized.

Once the images are there, eject the Memory Stick (by dragging the icon to the trash or by pressing the eject button on your keyboard). Now you can use the PSP's built in viewing software to see the images.

  Viewing the Images Back

Now that the images are on your PSP, you can view them by selecting the camera icon in the PSP's main menu. When you select that, an icon will appear for each folder of images you copied or converted onto the PSP's Memory Stick.

Selecting one of those icons will reveal a list of pages. Select a page to view it. Once the page is open, you can use the PSP's controls to scroll around the image, zoom in or out, or to jump from page to page. See your PSP's manual for a complete description of the photo viewing controls. Logo   Back to PDF 2 PSP Help