Sample Apple Scripts Back

Here's some simple Applescripts that make it even easier to use PDF2PSP with other programs. If you come up with any others, please pass them along, and I'll add them to this document.

  Using PDF2PSP as a Printer Back

As of 10.3, OS X has the built in ability to print straight to PDF instead of to a physical printer. What most people don't know, however, is that you can extend this ability by adding programs to a folder called "Library/PDF Services".

If you don't have a "PDF Services" folder, create it now. Next, download the PDFServices script Save it in the PDF Services folder with a name like "Print to PSP" or similar.

When you print, you will see a new button at the bottom of your print dialog box. When you click it, you will be able to choose your applescript as a printer! When the applescript runs, it will launch PDF 2 PSP and automatically convert whatever you were printing to PSP format.

  Create a Drop Box Back

Another way to use PDF 2 PSP is to create a drop box that will automatically convert any PDF placed in it to PSP format. Download the Folder Action script and save it in Library/Scripts/Folder Actions. Call it "PDF 2 PSP Drop" or something like that.

Next, create a folder on your desktop to use as a drop box. Call that "PSP Drop box" or simlary, and use the Folder Actions Setup utility to attach the script to the folder.

Now, any PDF you drop in that folder will be immediately converted to PSP format! One warning, though: this script will delete the PDF when it's done, so don't drop anything in there you want to keep. Logo   Back to PDF 2 PSP Help