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This page lists all known problems with PDF 2 PSP.

  Bug #1: PSP complains about corrupt data or refuses to display an image. Back

There seem to be a couple of causes for this. The first is icons and other hidden data. If you open a directory with the Finder, your Mac will add extra information to that directory - in a "hidden" file called .DS_Store. You can't see this file in the Finder but if it gets copied to the PSP, the PSP will call it "corrupt data".

There are also times where you seem to have a valid image but the PSP won't display it or claims the image is incompatible. I'm not yet sure why this happens but it seems to be caused by very large images. If you are having this problem, please try reducing the resolution of the images you are creating and try again. (If you have any ideas about what else might be causing the problem, or what the limits of the PSP's image viewer are, please let my know!) Logo   Back to PDF 2 PSP Help